The Monterey Workshop Series

2004 Theme: Workshop on Software Engineering Tools:
Compatibility and Integration

Vienna, Austria
October 4-6, 2004

Previous Workshop Editions (2003, 2002, 2001, 2000)

CUE Workshop


Software is the new physical infrastructure of the information age. It is fundamental to economic success, scientific and technical research and national security. Our current ability to construct the large and complex software systems demanded for continued economic and military success are inadequate.

A lack of tool integration has been recognized as a major impediment to the construction of complex computer systems, especially in the development of embedded systems, where the design of a single artifact may involve up to 50 different tools, including design, functional analysis, performance analysis, etc. tools. Tool interoperability is an important prerequisite for increasing software productivity and reliability.

This workshop will be the 11th in a series of workshops, initiated in 1993 and devoted to exploring the critical problems associated with cost-effective development of high-quality software systems. These workshops have a rich history of bringing together both American and European scientists that share a common interest in seeing that software development research serves as a catalyst for practical advances in next-generation software intensive systems.

The workshop will be chaired by Prof. Zohar Manna of Stanford University and Prof. Thomas Henzinger of the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland. Local arrangements will be handled by Prof. Hermann Kopetz of the Vienna University of Technology.

Attendance will be by invitation and will consist of international researchers and/or experts selected for their expertise in one, or more, facets of addressing the system/software engineering challenge.

The workshop will be followed by a one-day CUE workshop, where future directions in software engineering related to the technical topics of the Monterey workshop will be discussed. All participants to the Monterey Workshop are welcome to attend the CUE workshop.